Agaram Student Management System

Agaram Education Institution
Manage Student Details and Accountings
4 Weeks
Student Management
An Agaram Education is a place where people from Grade 6 to 11 gain an education. There are about 2500 students join with Agaram. They decided to make professional  student management software for their business. We analyze long-term goals and short-term objectives and help achieve them through integrated information management solution. Student management software is a large application that empowers the administration of an institution to hold and manipulate data effectively for purposes of maintenance and accountability in an organization. Agaram Education Institution faced lots of difficulties in students’ management manually. 
  • There is inconsistency in data entry, errors, mis keying information
  • Large ongoing staff training cost
  • System is dependent on good individuals
  • Reduction in sharing information and customer services
  • Time consuming and costly to produce reports
  •  Lack of security
  • Duplication of data entry.
So that SS Creation Design Pvt Ltd provides Software maintenance and technical support. Our System helps to manage everything in centralize way 
  • Take student admission with a powerful student admission form, add student siblings, RTE, IDs and multiple documents to maintain complete record in student profile. 
  • Student profile consist student record with admission, personal, contact, fees, and document details.
  •  Promote students in the next academic session based on pass/fail and continue/leaving tuition. 
  • Most advanced fees collection mechanism to adopt any type of fees structure including fees type, fees groups, fees masters, free hand fees, due date, fine, discount, fees and discount allotment. 
  • Manage tuition other income and expenses head wise with receipt upload. 
  • Manage student attendance smartly. 
  • Get attendance report monthly class-section wise, manage classes, section subjects, teacher, assign subjects and create class timetables. 
  • Manage downloadable content for students, teachers like syllabus, assignments, study material etc. 
  • Complete library management system with books adds, members add, books issue/return, send messages to students, parent and teachers through notice board. 
  • Get various reports based on students, fees statement, transaction, balance fees, attendance, these system.
From this software 
  • The administration is able to efficiently control and manage student data
  •  Is easy to use and cost effective
  •  Is a single solution to all the management needs in the administration aspect of an agaram institution
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