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about us

We Work for Your Incredible Success

We have a rare combination of branding, coding, and marketing expertise which gives us the capabilities of building some tough and personalized for our clients. Our team is equipped with all leading technologies and platforms so that we can provide the most unique skills.

We ensure that our clients look and sound remarkable.

S Chandramouleesan
Founder & CEO
our strategy

Strategy is at the Heart of What We Do

We are S.S Creation Design, helping companies connect and encourage audiences with creative and innovative services. For the past 7 years, we have maintained an extensive track record of successful service, in which our strength lies in situating individuals’ services and skill set at the highest level to bringing them multiple benefits to achieve their goals.

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We Have High Skilled Professionals

Mr. S. Chandramouleesan | SS Creation Design

Mr. S. Chandramouleesan

Founder & CEO
Mr. A.Yathupriyan | SS Creation Design

Mr. A.Yathupriyan

Chief Operating Officer
Mr. G. Sivalakshan | SS Creation Design

Mr. G. Sivalakshan

Customer Relations Manager
Miss. Janusha B. | SS Creation Design

Miss. Janusha .B

Sketch Artist
Mr. P. Mithurshan | SS Creation Design

Mr. P. Mithurshan

Video Editor
Mr. P. Pajeeth | SS Creation Design

Mr. P. Pajeeth

Graphic Designer
Mr. B. Sivabanu | SS Creation Design

Mr. B. Sivabanu

Chief Technology Officer
J Arthika | Web developer SS Creation Design

Miss. Arthika .J

QA Tester
Senthuran Web developer SS Creation Design

Mr. M. Senthuran

Web Developer
Miss. Arthika A. | SS Creation Design

Miss. Arthika .A

Project Manager
Dedicated to serving your needs.

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About SS Creation Design Private limited Sri Lanka and UK London

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About SS Creation

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